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We all know that link building is the lifeblood of getting free search engine traffic. So today we’ll focus on how to get quality backlinks to your website or blog. There’s a lot of strategies for getting quality links which I will not cover because maybe I haven’t tested them or they didn’t work for me.

I believe all the strategies I mention below have been working for years and will still work in the next coming years no matter what Google update.

how to get high quality backlinksHow To Get Quality Backlinks


Why I didn’t include article marketing? is it dead? Duplicate content will automatically create duplicate backlinks and it’s not strong to out-rank other pages in search engines unless if you’re posting a unique article for each article directory then you’ll be good or else you’ll be wasting your time.

This is one of the reasons places like hubpages & ezine articles only approve original content. So let’s look at what works to help you get high quality backlinks.

Yahoo Answers

This is a great, easy and free method for building backlinks and traffic to your sites. People say this strategy is dead, but I’m here to tell you that my number one backlink on my music production blog is from Yahoo Answers with a pagerank of 3 for a question I answered back in 2010.

Some people ask questions that are really keyword rich without even realizing it. If you give a good answer and get voted the best answer lots of people who are going to see that question or find your answer helpful will surely click your link in the resource box. It works for me and I recommend it.

Amazon Product Review

Do you buy stuff on Amazon? Then you need to add a link to your amazon profile and write reviews for the products you purchase. As you know, amazon is an authority site with a pagerank of 8 so you’re guaranteed a high quality backlink.

Swap Links with Another Website

Contact other webmasters to link to your site or blog in exchange of you doing the same. The best places to do that is in blog directories. Submit your blog to directories and contact other members.

In directories you can even find people who can exchange comments, if you leave 2 valuable comments on 2 random blog posts they’ll do the same or exchange post shares and likes.

Simply connect with people.

3 Way Link Exchange

Most people will recommend you to build 3 websites to do this, but that will take long so use other platforms such as,, hubpages, ezine articles or squidoo because they already are authority sites and easy to rank as compared to a new domain name.

For instance, you can use hubpages, ezine articles and your main website. Whenever you post on hubpages you link to both your main site as well as ezine articles. When you post on your site, you link to ezine articles as well as hubpages (but not all the posts, only the ones that are related).

This is powerful because you’ll be using anchor text and highly targeting your keywords. The best part is that you’ll be linking to your backlinks which will add a lot of value to them.

Interview An Industry Expert

Interview someone who is popular in your niche. Check how many people search for his name using the Google Keyword Tool and find other keywords you can target. Also encourage them to link back to the interview and share it on social media sites to spread the word.

Write Testimonials for Other Products

When you buy a product and you really like it. Post a positive testimonial for the product owner and ask them to use it in their sales page or blog and put a link back to your site.

A video testimonial works really great, but don’t forget to include your link in the video whether by watermark or saying it in the video.

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Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking your site or blog works really well. This is good for those who blog daily, because you’ll be bookmarking your blog posts everyday and by end of the month you’ll have hundreds of backlinks. Make sure you link back to your social bookmarking sites as well.

Sometimes I just share my bookmarks instead of directing readers straight to the new blog post. They then share the bookmark and that adds weight to the link. Also get rss feeds for your bookmarks and submit them to rss directories, also share your main site rss feed to these directories.

Include social bookmarking buttons on your site and below blog post so that visitors can also bookmarks and create a backlink for you.

Blog Commenting On GOV & EDU Sites

Here’s a ninja trick you can use to get links from Edu & Gov sites. Be careful with the comments you leave in .gov sites in order for your comments to stick and never get flagged as spam.

Gov sites are basically Government sites and Edu are Educational sites so if you get backlinks from these websites Google will look at your site as an authority site and rank it high. This is really easy, nothing new but I still see people investing huge money to get these links.

All you need is a simple short code to use in the search engines. Don’t worry it’s nothing complicated. inurl:blog “post comment” “YOUR KEYWORD”

Simply copy this code and paste it in Google then replace the words “Your Keyword” with your main keyword/market but make sure you search broad markets don’t niche it down.

You can also add more stuff to the code such as -“closed comments” this will only show blogs that allow comments. Adding -“you must be logged in” will not show blogs that need you to register in order to comment. Use the same code to get Gov links as well, simply replace .edu with .gov.

If you’re leaving a comment on any blog, just make sure you add value. I can’t keep stressing this but leaving one liners will never help.

Make sure you use your name in anchor text to avoid any complications, if you leave a valuable comment but use your keyword as anchor text some bloggers will just edit your comment & remove your link but approve the comment which will just make you look like a clown.

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You also need to diversify your link building by leaving your link on different sites, big as well as small ones and avoid using one strategy.

You can use software or outsource your link building to automate the whole process but be careful that you don’t get any spammy links because that will harm your rankings.

Hope that helps you learn how to get quality backlinks to your blog or site. Leave a comment below for any questions or if you want to add anything I might have missed.

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    Great tips. There are some great plugin that automatically submit your post to social media networks such as “Twitter”, “Facebook” and so on…

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  4. Here all the points mentioned are good and fabulous one and I could add more thing is of Guest Writing.

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